Reliable Supplier of Finest Jute Bags and Hessian

If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier of jute bags and hessian, collaborate with Gloster Limited. Our company is widely known for producing high-quality jute products. We source the fine jute fabric to make these bags that offer you multi-purpose use. Our bags are suitable for storing edible items like food grains and other agricultural produce.


Making Jute Bags and Hessian from Quality Materials:


As one of the leading manufacturers of jute goods, we can assure you of the product quality. We source premium-grade raw jute to create the bags and hessian. The usage of the finest raw material makes the bags highly durable. They are an eco-friendly substitute for conventional plastic and synthetic sacks and hessian.


Offering the Features of Customisation:


At Gloster Limited, we allow our clients to customise the product according to their needs. So, you can select the fibres, size and fabric weave to make the jute bags and hessian suitable for your use. We have our own facility to produce the items in bulk to cater to your order.


Why Choose Us?


Our business provides multiple features that would prompt you to make us a partner for jute bags and hessian production. Here are a few reasons you should collaborate with us:

  • We have modern machinery to manufacture jute hessian
  • You can customise the bags according to your usage requirements
  • Our team can customise the size, weight and fabric quality of the bags and hessian

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