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If you are searching for a good quality jute burlap, you can buy the products from Gloster Limited. It is one of the trusted names that offers good quality jute burlap products for customers in India. Here, we focus on sustainability to produce high-quality organic products while addressing the organisation's sustainability concerns.

Our jute burlap rolls are made with 100% natural jute. They are used in different projects, whether for residential purposes or in the garden. They are available in different colours and used to make arts and crafts projects. Order from us and bring a sense of vintage and aesthetics to your projects.

Jute Burlap- Features and Uses

Burlap is considered very strong in proportion in terms of tensile strength and tear resistance. This material is also resistant to weathering. This product also stands for repeated wetting and drying with minimum effect on its overall strength. Jute Burlap is available in different weights, widths and construction. It can be dyed or printed as per the requirement. Buy jute burlap from the leading manufacturer- Gloster Limited, for making handcrafts or for home decoration.

The Uses of Jute Burlap

  • Burlap is spread over the fresh cement and well-kept to prevent cement from drying out fast
  • Burlap also protects small plants in winter and makes an ideal barrier against cold or sun
  • Burlap, when wrapped around young trees, protects bark from small animals like rabbits and mice and also during shipment
  • Burlap is used for balling roots and the earth when transplanting trees and shrubs.

Our stylish, reliable and durable jute burlap is customised per the customers' needs. Place orders at Gloster Limited for the best quality burlap.

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