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Gloster Limited is concerned about social welfare besides being sensitive to environmental conservation. We strive to develop our process for benefitting all our stakeholders. We encourage local employment.

Economy, environment and society are the silent pillars of development.For a business to sustain in the long run, congruence of all these three sectors is important. Gloster Limited believes in the idea of sustainable development and follows the principles of the same.Our products made from golden fibre, jute is popular in market due to the variety it offers.
Multi-faceted fashion industry is FAVOURING JUTE BASED TEXTILES AND LIFESTYLE products to promote eco-friendly fashion. This trend is proliferating demand in the international market. Gloster Limited intends to meet the market demand through sustainable production techniques.

We are glad to have registered a satisfying increase in revenue during FY 2018-19 with modernization of operational structure THAT IS EFlCIENT AND ECO FRIENDLY.

In the recent past the regulatory bodies across the globe have become more stringent about ESG disclosures of companies. Increasing number of businesses are reporting their ESG PARAMETERS ALONG WITH THEIR FlNANCIAL parameters. In India, SEBI (Security and EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA) HAS MANDATED TOP 100 BSE (BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE) listed companies to include BRR along with Annual Reports and BSE has also SIGNED A PACT WITH GRI to EXTEND BRR from top 100 to top 500 listed companies. Besides company regulations, laws and regulation of countries and provinces are also aligning their goals with SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution).
187 countries agreement to restrict trans-boundary movement of plastic waste at Conference of Parties to Basel Convention in 2019 at Geneva, Switzerland forwards the step towards curbing TOXIC EFFECTS OF PLASTIC POLLUTION.Many of the INDIAN states have already banned the usage of single use plastic and others are in the process of restricting the use of items made of plastic.

This regulation is driving demand for alternative material that can replace plastic BAGS THEREBY PAVING WAY FOR ENHANCED PRODUCTION OF JUTE based packaging material. This advancement provides US WITH OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPANDING OUR GLOBAL AND LOCAL business, thereby, our drive for continuous improvement AND DIVERSIlCATION OF PRODUCTS ENCOURAGE EXTENSIVE R&D at Gloster Limited. Our modernized plant manufactures AN ARRAY OF ENVIRONMENTALLY VIABLE PRODUCTS LIKE FLOOR COVERINGS, SACKING BAGS, HAND BAGS, GEO TEXTILES, AGRO TEXTILES, FOOD GRADE CLOTH , PROCESSED DECORATIVE AND industrial fabric including yarn/twine. We aim to serve for the welfare of larger communities by developing value-added products having wide range of application. We focus on creating trusted customer base by providing quality products at competitive prices.

Gloster Limited is concerned about social welfare besides being sensitive to environmental conservation. We strive to develop our process for benefitting all our stakeholders. We encourage local employment. In addition, we carry out CSR activities on hunger eradication, education promotion, community healthcare, animal welfare that are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).At Gloster Limited, we value our people whose support towards growth of the organization has been encouraging. Our Management team has experience of more than 50 years. To keep pace with global advancement, it is crucial to equip all employees with skill and modern technology.

We, at Gloster Limited, pay great attention to skill development of employees. Gloster Limited has been publishing this Report since last seven years to disclose our performance with transparency based on GRI Standards Framework. GRI Standards developed by global multi-stakeholder consultative process encompasses economic, environmental, social and corporate governance disclosures. We believe that Sustainability Report audited by renowned third-party is one of the best methods of communication with stakeholders where their queries regarding the operations and activities are addressed. Engagement with stakeholders helps in analysing risks and oppurtunities of the firm. This report strengthens our company's profile by complying with regulatory requirements which, in turn, help us attract investments, initiate new activities and enter new geographies for business. Our readers will get clear picture of the impact Gloster Limited is creating on environment, employees and society from this Report.

Hemant Bangur

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